3 Benefits of Dog Grooming

Danson mwangi mathenge
2 min readSep 12, 2020


As a dog owner, how many times do you groom your canine companion? Once in a blue moon? That’s not right. As a responsible dog owner, dog grooming is essential as it has a myriad of benefits for you and your dog.

Additionally, dog grooming entails more than just a quick swipe with a brush and calling it a day. What’s more, dog grooming involves bathing of the coat, brushing of teeth and nail clipping.

Continue reading on to learn about the benefits of dog grooming.

Photo by Александр Гросс on Unsplash

Time to Look Good

Dog’s looks matter and I mean it. Ensure you brush your Fido’s teeth, clip their nails and bath them. Furthermore, would you love getting a hug from a dog with unkempt fur and unclipped nails? And even so, his mouth smells as if he just ate rotten meat (enough of this).

Dog grooming is beneficial as it will help take care of your dog’s look.

Dog Grooming Helps You Spot Abnormalities

As you groom your dog, you get quality time to inspect his body for any abnormalities. During this time, you can spot unfamiliar swellings and bumps under the skin.

Thus, this early detection can help you notice something out of the ordinary and call your vet on time.

Photo by Jason Murphy on Unsplash

Bonding Time

With a busy lifestyle, getting quality time with your dog can be hard to get by. However, grooming your pet creates time for you and your dog to bond.

Additionally, it’s by grooming and spending time together that you will learn of any unbecoming behaviours from your Fido.

Final Thought

Benefits of dog grooming are endless. Thus proper pet grooming should never be overlooked.

More so, regular dog grooming is beneficial as it helps your dog live a fully healthy life.