Let’s Talk Pooches, Let’s Talk Poodles

Danson mwangi mathenge
5 min readJul 25, 2020

Poodles are the second most intelligent breed of dog after the border collies. Additionally, poodles are the second most domesticated breed of dogs across Europe.

Furthermore, the originality of poodles traces back to Germany, where they worked as water retrievers. What’s more, the name poodle is sourced from a German word puder meaning, ‘splash in the water.’

Across Europe, poodles transformed from being water retrievers to wild hunters.

To add on, Poodles come with varying sizes and coat colors. And it’s the only breed of dog that comes with three sizes. That is standard, miniature, and toy. In this article, I will articulate amazing facts about poodles that will amaze you.

Poodles Come With Three Different Sizes.

From the American kennel club, United Kingdom kennel club, there are three recognized poodles sizes.

Photo by andrew welch on Unsplash

a. Standard Poodles

The standard poodle is the largest of all other sizes. Height ranges from 15 inches and above and weighs at most 65 pounds. To add on, it’s the most active of all sizes as well as energetic.

Additionally, standard poodles function as a working, service, and lastly, as show dogs.

b. Miniature Poodles

Most popular among the three sizes and don’t grow beyond 15 inches. Additionally, they are active and intelligent.

c. Toy Poodles

As per their name suggests, toy poodles are the smallest of the three. They weigh below 45 pounds and don’t grow beyond 11 inches.

However small, toy poodles are loyal and overprotective to their owners. Also, toy poodles function as show dogs.

Quick Amazing Facts about Poodles

1. Poodles Have Fur Other Than Hair

Poodles have a secret of which other breeds of dog’s lack, their coat. Whereas other breeds of dogs have hair, poodles have fur on their body.

This coat can be trimmed by an expert to enhance the beauty of your poodle.

Photo by Ramiro Pianarosa on Unsplash

2. Another Amazing Fact Is That Poodles Do Not Shed Fur

Whereas other dogs shed hair, Poodles fur grows continuously and doesn’t shed off. However, if left untrimmed, the fur coils around the skin, thus creating dreadlocks.

Additionally, ensure your poodle gets a trim after every 2 to 3 weeks to prevent matting.

Additionally, poodles are best suited to anyone allergic to other pooches’ hair. Poodles have been cross-bred with other breeds. For example, with the Labrador retriever to bring forth a breed known as lab dodo.

Other crossbreeds include cockerpoos, of which it’s a crossbreed between cocker spaniels and poodles.

This cross-breeding brings forth more hypoallergenic breeds.

3. Poodles Are Intelligent Breeds

Unofficially ranked second after the border couries. Poodles are what you can call beauty with brains. Furthermore, they are always eager to learn new tricks. Their learning capabilities are high hence used as obedience and show dogs.

I bet you’ve seen poodles in most agility and intelligence shows

4. Used For Sniffing Out Mushrooms

Did you know that ancient poodles were used to gather mushrooms? As amazing it is, truffle mushrooms were a delicacy in England, Spain, and France. Due to their delicate and gentle nature, poodles were trained to sniff out this delicacy

Training to gather these mushrooms could start when poodles were three months of age.

5. They Require More and More Grooming

Be ready to use more bucks when it comes to grooming this beautiful dog. So, if you don’t love hygiene, having a poodle should not be your priority.

Grooming of your poodle includes.

a. Trimming of Fur

As earlier stated, you should trim your poodle every 2 to 3 weeks. Consequently, if untidy, the fur can hide parasites.

However, trimming of your poodle’s hair should always be done by trained personnel.

b. Brushing Teeth

Poodle’s oral hygiene is as important just as we human. Brush your poodle’s teeth twice a week.

However, visit a veterinary for recommendations of the best dog’s toothpaste and toothbrush.

c. Nail Clipping

Nail clipping is done to poodles to prevent them from overgrowing as well as breakage. however, seek the service of an expert when clipping the nails

6. Poodles Love Exercising

Poodles are very active dogs. So, if you don’t love walking or playing with pets, sorry having a poodle is not for you.

Poodles are always playful, and they love being the center of attention. T

To keep your poodle happy, you can engage your poodle into physical and mental challenges. This pouch tricks and cunning behavior is un-matched against all other breeds.


You must give your poodle a balanced diet. Remember to seek advice from a veterinary before giving any new food to your poodle. To add on, never give your poodle uncooked on leftover food.

A poor diet is not healthy for your poodle. Consequently, some foods give your poodle gastric obstructions, which is fatal.

Photo by Tuomas Härkönen on Unsplash

Health Conditions Associated With Poodles

Poodle’s life span is about 10–13 years. However, how long they live depends on their health status.

No one should lie to you that poodles are immune to getting health issues. Across all breeds of dogs, all dogs have the potential to get health complications.

These health conditions include.

· Addison’s disease

· Breathing difficulties

· Bloating- caused by the twisting of small intestines, thus causing gas build-up. Bloating in poodles is a life-threatening health condition

· Obesity, mostly observed in inactive dogs

· Cancer

Final Thought

From its intelligence, good looks, there is nothing much we can say that a poodle lacks.

From stealing your socks, hiding the remote playful, character poodles will always make your house lively.

Want to have a poodle as your best friend? It is easy. Give this dog attention, proper sanitation, and proper diet, and he will all be yours.

However, there is a catch. Always remember pets, especially poodles, are animals. It’s good to treat them as animals by giving them proper guidance.

Having a poodle before the end of this year should be on your bucket list. All over the world poodles, owners are and should be the proudest people.