Social Media Addiction; Follow These 5 Easy Tips to Help You Quit

Danson mwangi mathenge
3 min readJul 20, 2020

Social media is good, be it Facebook or Twitter. The reason being, it helps you connect with your friends and family with ease. However, everything good has a disadvantage. One of the downsides of any platform is addiction. We can term this behavior as social media addiction.

How do you know you have an addiction to social media? You keep checking on your phone now and then. Consequently, after waking up, the first thing you do is check on your phone for any notification. To add on you always feel bad whenever any of you post doesn’t get any like or retweet. The above actions signify you have a social media addiction.

However, you can turn around this habit. Follow these easy, quick tips to help you quit social media addiction.

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Turn Off Notifications

Buzzing, flushing, or vibrating of the phone will distract you. You will be more than tempted to check what is going around you as you fear missing out. This behavior can be your main undoing.

To minimize any distractions as you work, you can either switch off the phone or switch off any pop-ups.

Delete Unnecessary or Distracting Ups

As easy it sounds, do away with any app that’s eating up your time. First, you have to single which one of your apps takes much of your time. Is it Instagram? Yes, delete and forget it.

You know, when it comes to social media addiction, you will have to take drastic measures to outdo this kind of behavioral disorder.

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Go On a Social Media Break

You can quit social media addiction by going off from any social media platform for a while. You can have a social media detox for let’s say one month. No tweeting, no uploading your favorite selfie on Instagram.

In fact, start the social media detox now, and by a month, you will realize you can do without social media. You can start this process by going off for two days and build up from there bit by bit.

However, don’t throw away your phone, reply to any important messages and calls. Additionally, you can inform your friends and family you will be off for a period.

Learn a New Skill or Hobby

You can stop social media addiction by learning a new skill. You know social media addiction overcomes you since you are idle.

You can learn how to crotchet a mat, learn how to cook your favorite meal. Learning a new skill will fight off this addiction and make use of the time you could have wasted on social media.

Spend More Time with Family and Friends

Hang out with your friends and family instead of using social media to communicate with them. Also, your behaviors depend on your company. Spend less time with colleagues who are always glued to their phones.

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Social media is here to stay, and you ought to find a way to live with it. However, do not let any social media platform to control you. Take charge of it. Easier than done, follow these easy tips to quit social media addiction with ease.